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We’re always on the lookout for communication trends that impact our clients. We think this is a trend that will continue. nVision has seen a strong growth among clients in the need for multi-language versions of digital media products. It might be an employee video sub-titled in all five United Nations languages, a Website geared to multiple languages, a live Webcast in English, French and Spanish, or quick translations of key documents in a financial announcement.

To meet this growing need, nVision has coupled its streamlined capacity to digitally produce English language media programming and services with the ability to offer these products/services in a wide variety of European-based, Asian, and Middle Eastern languages.  nVision’s familiarity with the complexities of non-English translations began while working for the United Nations a decade ago and grew year by year. 

Today nVision can provide:   

Recently, for a corporation with a major announcement, we produced 6-subtitle language versions of a major video along with translations of 3-key documents in 11 languages – all on an “impossible” schedule of 1 week!  The videos are accessed through an employee intranet.  For another client, we translated soundtracks for an interactive set of videos in 6 languages.    

Perhaps you have communication projects that require a multi-language reach, or, would like to discuss how an English language project can have its reach expanded. Why not give us a call to learn more or discuss a project.

We speak your language!

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