Watchout is uniquely suited for programming multiscreen shows by bridging the gap between traditional content creation tools and hardware based media servers.  It relies upon a high-speed network to orchestrating and synchronizing displays and can control virtually an unlimited number of display devices in any configurations of projectors, flat screens, LED wall and curtains as well as other types of devices.

The Watchout System


Exciting new features introduced in Watchout Version 5:

Version 5 of Dataton Watchout™ brings the most comprehensive set of new features and capabilities added since the product was introduced, significantly expanding its application areas.  

How it works

A media artist programs a Watchout presentation using familiar timeline tools importing and manipulating media objects on the stage. Media can be manipulated using scaling and positioning, 3D-rotation, color keying, transparency as well as color adjustments and cropping. Using the timeline a programmer can control how the timeline loops and responds to user inputs and sensors and now with new tools offered in version 5; you can incorporate dynamically served content from nearly any source including feeds from the Internet and databases.

Production Software

Watchout is compatible with most media file formats from a number of programs like Photoshop, After Effects, Final Cut and Adobe Premiere. Watchout can also incorporate live feeds of various kinds from video cameras, satellite feeds and even another computer's display output.

Below are a few of the many possible display configurations possible with Watchout.



Possible Screen Arrangements


If you're planning to use Watchout in your next multiscreen environment or simply want to learn more, call nVision. We're technology and content producers. We know Watchout and can help you develop rich content for your next experiential marketing event, tradeshow or museum exhibit.

To learn more about Dataton Watchout, visit the Dataton website.

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